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5 Reasons You Should Move to Vancouver Washington, Like Now.

Vancouver? Like Canada? NO. Duh... the ORIGINAL Vancouver. Aka The Couv.

Here are 5 reasons why Vancouver, Washington is where it's at!

1) Washington State Has No State Income Tax

No Income Tax Vancouver Washington

Say what??? Yeah, basically Oregon has no sales tax (YAY, shopping spree anyone???) and Vancouver (just North) has no Income Tax -- statewide-- basically you could save A LOT of mula by living in Vancouver and buying your goods in Oregon. Although talk to a tax expert first ;), especially if you work in Oregon.

2) Beer for All

Beer, Vancouver Washington

Think Portland is the only place 'hopping' nah. Vancouver has a deep brewing history that dates back to the late 1800s. With new pubs opening left and right you can even get a pass to Brewcouver, a passport for traveling to the local beer pubs.

3) Growing Foodie Scene

Columbia FoodPark Vancouver Washington

Tons of delicious restaurants, bars and just really good food. Hit The Grocery for a cocktail and Thai Orchid for a bite. But... what's really exciting... the new Columbia FOODPARK coming soon! With start-up, pop-up food trucks, live music and more it's an exciting time.

4) Small Town Vibes

The Kiggins Theater, Vancouver, Washington

Want to see a classic movie? Check! Go to the Kiggins. Rock climb? Walk the river? Check, check, check. It's like a quant old town with modern touches and it keeps gettin' better.

5) Home Prices

Vancouver Washington Homes

Vancouver has some of the best home prices in the country. It's a hot market so things are going quick and prices are getting higher, but why not live somewhere safe, affordable and fun!?

So... yeah... Bring it on Portland. (Sticks tongue out).

New to the area? Wanna get a beer? Holla at me!

🗝 REALTOR® Matt // // 360-989-7588 | Berkshire Hathaway Home Services 🏡

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