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Relocating to Vancouver, Washington? 3 Reasons Why That’s an Amazing Idea

Many people are relocating to the Pacific Northwest, or simply moving across the Columbia River from Portland as the metro area expands. In most cases you wonder, where am I going to live, what are the best brunch spots, what gym should I join and who will I meet? Those will all get answered with time -- however, here are some other reasons that make Vancouver, WA absolutely amazing.

Old Building, Vancouver, WA

First some fun facts: Vancouver is the fourth largest city in the state of Washington with a population of 174,826. It is located in Clark County, the oldest county in the state, which has a total population of 459,495. Clark County includes the cities of Vancouver, Camas, Washougal, Battle Ground, Ridgefield, La Center, Amboy, and Yacolt.

Vancouver is adorable. It’s got charming older home sand a wonderful main street & uptown. In 2017, Sunset named Vancouver's Main Street among the "Best in the West."

Main Street Vancouver, Wa

Here are the 3 reasons relocating to Vancouver, WA is an amazing idea...

1) Affordability & Tax Savings

Speaking from personal experience I moved to Vancouver from Los Angeles, California. I wanted to live somewhere creative since I was coming from the City of Dreams, naturally I originally thought "Portland!" When I started looking I heard a whisper to look across the river to Vancouver for more affordable housing. I was immediately excited about home prices and the fact that in Washington State doesn’t have state income tax, and Oregon doesn’t have state sales tax. By living and working in Washington, and shopping in just minutes away in Oregon I could live the best of both worlds and save a lot of money! I love win-wins! Not only that but Vancouver is full of creative and inspiring people too!

i5 Bridge, Vancouver, WA

2) Up-in-coming & Space

Portland has many exciting and unique things about the city, but what excites me about SW Washington and Vancouver is that it’s becoming its own thing. There is an exciting Waterfront project, amazing events, a growing amount of tap, tasting and coffee houses... and people are moving from all over the world to be here. It was recently called the hippest city to move to. Vancouver suburbs topped the country when it comes to tattoos, microbreweries and other signs of “hipsterdom,” according to a London-based data company. It's got the small-town city (unlike the larger city of Portland) feel but also the spread out feeling of a suburb. I originally grew up in Scottsdale, AZ so what I truly love is the space that’s here. Larger parking lots, shopping centers and more room to spread out. I love the City, but it’s great to have more space, affordable houses and a different more laid-back culture!

Waterfront Vancouver, WA

3) Nature

Many Portlanders aren’t in touch with the beauty that is to be found across the river. We both have the Columbia River Gorge and the Vancouver area also boasts some amazing natural beauties. Some of the most beautiful hikes, water falls and nature trails are right in the middle and outside Vancouver.'s city limits For example, Burnt Bridge Creek Trail which is 8 miles long through the heart of VanWa. You can see Bald Eagles and beautiful trees, I saw my first Eagle here and it was glorious!

Moulton Falls Bridge

Further up in North County you can travel to Moulton Falls and relax in one of my favorite spots with a picturesque view people from around the world come to see. Not to mention the beautiful Grist Mill in Woodland. The nature here is breathtaking!

Cedar Creek Grist Mill Woodland, Washington

There are many reason why Vancouver is great and it's only getting better! Need an expert to show you around or help find a home? Contact me anytime.

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REALTOR Matt + Design

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