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Why You Should List Your Home This Spring

The market is always changing, but this Spring brings with it a few things that will help your home sell fast and for top dollar!

Why You Should List Your Home This Spring

1) Eager Buyers

Buyers have been waiting all winter for more inventory and more homes are starting to creep back onto the market. However, inventory is still low for the influx of people moving here and the number of buyers who are waiting for that perfect place -- which is keeping prices moving up and competition at an all time high.

2) We Still Have Low Interest Rates

We can see interest rising, but it's still historically low. Selling your home and buying a new home may be a great way change up your home lifestyle to something more functional for you and your family... and still benefit from the low interest rates while they're here.

3) Switch Up Your Property Taxes

WA has a year where we see higher property taxes, they will go back down. Here's a great article about the school levy tax that hit us all. However, if you don't have kids in school it may be time to think about moving to an area with lower property taxes.

Bottom Line: If you're fixing up your home this year, research is showing it may not give you a 100% return - buyers are expecting homes to be 'show ready' and that's what helps them move quick. A little de-cluttering when listing will go a long way! No one knows where the market is truly headed but we do know that right now is a great time to sell and get a good cash out of your home for many different scenarios.

Happy Real Estate,


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