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10 MUST DO adventures and fun things around Vancouver, Washington.

If you're a day-tripper looking for more fun things to do -- look no further! I've compiled a list of places -- some off the beaten path -- and some not so off -- in order to get you out there and explore new, creative and fun spaces around Vancouver, Washington. Let's dive in!

1) NatureScaping Wildlife Botanical Gardens

NatureScaping of Southwest Washington

NatureScaping of Southwest Washington is an all volunteer Nonprofit whose mission is "Gardens and programs that inspire, educate, and enrich our lives and community."

The Wildlife Botanical Gardens serve as a showcase for plants attractive to birds and wildlife, and to demonstrate landscaping for creating wildlife habitat. Visit their gardens as a model for planning your own yard or garden.

2) Clark County Historical Museum

Clark County Historical Museum

In addition to our public programs, the CCHM maintains a broad based collection that includes artifacts from the mid-1200s through the present. The collection includes the following types of objects and/or archival materials:

  • Archaeological (both Prehistoric and Historic)

  • Native American basketry and beadwork

  • Territorial history

  • Statehood

  • Clark County settlement

  • Contemporary

  • Research Library features books, documents, maps, ephemera (everyday printed material such as pamphlets, newspaper cuttings, advertising brochures), photographs and negatives, and oral histories

  • Artwork and textiles

  • Industrial, medical, and household objects and tools

  • The Spokane, Portland, and Seattle Railway (SP&S)

It's amazing to learn about our local history and how Vancouver continues to grow and change today!

3) Alderbrook Park

Alderbrook Park

Alderbrook Park is a beautiful private park located in Brush Prairie, Washington. Nestled on around 63-acres it features it's own private lake, pool, creek and other amenities. An outdoor destination for both public and private events, they strive to provide our guests with the highest level of hospitality while preserving the charm of the native wooded landscape.

They have four covered pavilions for use, along with pedal boats, a private pool, train rides, miniature golf, 18 acres of lawn and hiking trails, a pirate ship, bounce houses, and a famous Pink Lemonade fountain along with many more amenities. The even host an Oktoberfest!

4) Silver Star Mountain

Silver Star Mountain

Silver Star Mountain is an extinct volcano of the Cascade Range in the U.S. state of Washington. Consisting of late Eocene to Oligocene epoch rock, it lies within the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. Long inactive, the volcano sits over three lithologic units, including the large Silver Star Granodiorite unit. With amazing trails and even more amazing views -- it's worth a hike up for Sunset or any day to get some fresh air.

5) Vancouver Farmers Market

Vancouver Farmers Market

For over 30 years Vancouver Farmers Market has been a staple for Downtown. The market is Southwest Washington's #1 visitor attraction and home to over 250 vendors. You'll discover fresh and local produce, flowers, plants, baked goods, delicious food, pet treats, and accessories for yourself, home, or garden.The Vancouver Farmers Market is a pet friendly place where you can chat with people who have grown or created your purchase, grab a bite to eat, listen to music, stroll through the park, watch the kids play, and enjoy a wonderful, relaxing day.

March 16th through October 27th Saturdays 9am - 3pm Sundays 10am - 3pm

6th & Esther St. Downtown Vancouver USA

6) Officers Row and eat at the Grant House

The Grant House

Within the city are 22 restored homes from the 1800s. Originally, the structures were the homes of U.S. Army officers, but now they hold their own places on the National Historic Register.

While some are offices and private residences, others are open for you to explore.

The Ulysses S. Grant House is the oldest of the 22, built in 1850, and you can enjoy a guided tour or exhibits on the home’s residents over the years as well as eat at the historic restaurant.

7) Clydesdale Outpost

Clydesdale Outpost

Escape the city for the weekend. Launching in May 2019 Clydesdale Outpost is a retreat like no other. Choose from our 3 luxury guest cabins overlooking scenic pastures where Clydesdales graze. All cabins are 190 sf with a Fold Out Full Bed on main and a a 64 sf cozy sleeping loft with Queen Bed. Each unit has 24 windows that provide panoramic views of surrounding nature. Ready to unwind? Soak in the cedar tub after detoxing in the revitalizing barrel sauna. Kids and grownups alike will love spending time in these fun-loving retreats.

8) Cathlapotle Plankhouse

Cathlapotle Plankhouse

Stumble upon this gem. Built by more than 100 volunteers over the course of two years, this modern full-scale Chinookan plankhouse was built based on findings from the archaeological village site of Cathlapotle. The Plankhouse and the objects inside of it offer a tangible link to those who lived there and provide a unique site for the interpretation of the natural and cultural heritage preserved on the Refuge.

9) Find The Old Apple Tree and travel over the Vancouver Land Bridge

Vancouver Land Bridge

Vancouver's Old Apple Tree was planted in 1826 on Fort Vancouver land and is thought to be the oldest apple tree in the Northwest. It is also considered the matriarch of Washington State's apple industry. The annual Old Apple Tree Festival is held on the first Saturday in October from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Old Apple Tree Park, located on Columbia Way, just east of the I-5 Bridge. The Urban Forestry Commission gives away tree cuttings from the Old Apple Tree during this event for visitors to start their own legacy. The Old Apple Tree Park intersects with the Discovery Historic Loop Trail via the Vancouver Land Bridge.

The Vancouver Land Bridge is a 40-foot-wide, earth-covered pedestrian bridge, lined with indigenous plants and Native basket weavings, reconnects historic Fort Vancouver with the Columbia River waterfront, was dedicated August 23, 2008. The event featured remarks by Maya Lin and the site architect, Johnpaul Jones, of Seattle.

10) Wander the Waterfront

Continually growing and developing. What does a day at The Waterfront look like?

Plan to grab a fresh seafood dish on the WildFin patio while watching sailboats pass by the 90-foot Grant Street Pier. A gathering place for all who visit The Waterfront, the cable stay pier is the focal point of City of Vancouver's new waterfront park, complementing the surrounding $1.5 billion project by Gramor Development. Sip on an IPA at the second-story Barlow's Public House or a Washington wine at Maryhill Winery's newest tasting room. Head to Twigs Bistro if a martini is your drink of choice, or just enjoy a tasty supper while the sun sets on the horizon. For a riverside retreat on The Waterfront, stay at the Indigo Hotel—a unique and vibrant boutique property that exudes the local culture.

Bring the kids to play in the City of Vancouver's new 7.3-acre Waterfront Park that features an open lawn for cartwheels, an urban beach for sandcastles, and seating areas perfect for picnics. The Columbia River Waterfront Renaissance Trail connects to the park, extending the current five-mile trail from Vancouver's urban core to Wintler Park.

At the adjacent Terminal 1, the Port of Vancouver is planning a public marketplace that will supplement downtown's thriving Farmers Market, a trendy Marriott AC Hotel, and commercial and community spaces for all to enjoy. Stop by WareHouse '23 for bold and diverse flavors, drawing from the riverfront location with a seafood-heavy menu.

Stay up-to-date with the The Waterfront development by checking out the live web cam footage of the site as it undergoes construction.

Now get out there and explore!


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